Sprinklers turned on the homeless

This [link to http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/19/st-marys-cathedral-san-francisco-sprinklers-douse-homeless-people] article appeared in the Guardian recently. This is how some of the guests at the Gatehouse responded:

Surely the homeless people were somewhere where they were not welcome…I wonder how it has got to the point where the church is having to deter them in such a way? Were they causing a lot of bother to people around the cathedral? The story is quite one-sided I wonder if the press would be so supportive of the homeless if the homeless were sleeping near their property? I wonder if the press is just anti-Christian, or anti-Catholic? I wonder if the press even stopped to consider what the Catholic church does for poor people in the world or, indeed, what they may be doing (without bragging about it) for the homeless and poor people in their own neighbourhood. The story is basically out of context, and biased. If it wasn’t for the Christian principles behind the social security system, the poor would be poorer.

Some churches in America are there because of corporate greed.

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